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Harness the potential of (AI) with our Chatbots when engaging your customers. Just connect your data sources and get a ChatGPT-like chatbot for your data. Then add it as a widget to your website or chat with it through our integrations or API.

List of use cases

Flow AI help you build AI Chatbots 10x faster

Embed an external AI Chatbot into your website

Build a chatbot in minutes and integrate it into your webpage seamlessly.

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Create an AI Slack Bot for Your Company

Construct the backend using the Chatbot Builder and implement it through Slack for your business organization.

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Chat with your knowledge base using AI

Connect a chatbot with your knowledge bases for your organization to make Q&A, saving time.

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Custom ChatGPT for your data

Creating a chatbot for Product Hunt by crawling the website and training the AI on its content you can then embed the chatbot on the website!.

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How to train the chatbot from one upload or multiple files (.pdf, .txt, .doc, .docx) or add a link to your website to be scraped. training the AI on its content you can then embed the chatbot or share it!.

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Live Demo This chatbot was trained on a document explaining Convosuite You can embed a widget like this on any page on your website!.

Effortlessly Integrate Across Platforms Leverage our innovative AI Chatbot Builder to create chatbots that access various data sources, including API, Airtable, webpages, GitHub, JSON, and more. Choose from renowned models like Azure OpenAI and HuggingFace Inference, and customize your chatbot with cloud support via Replicate.

Save Cost

Cut costs and streamline software & AI development with the Convosuite AI platform.

Build Fast

Accelerate your chatbot development, from swift prototyping to scaling, and achieve faster market reach with time efficiency.

Customize based on your needs

Customize and shape your chatbot to your unique needs with our flexible platform, ensuring a personalized experience.

Connect knowledge base-Build robust backends

AI Chatbot Builder empowers you to design chatbots that leverage all your knowledge bases, from Notion to load data from an api , Airtable, webpages, Confiuence, csv, docs, Figma, Folder with files , GitBook, GitHub, Json, Nothion Database or pages, Pdf file , txt , with the flexibility to choose from models like Azure OpenAI, Cohere, HuggingFace Inference, OpenAI, and use Replicate to run open source models on cloud, fully customized to your needs.

How it works

Few steps to create AI Chatbot


Select a Chatflow template

"Select a ready-to-use ChatFlow template from the Marketplace.


Utilize the UI visual tools.

Build, edit, drag and drop, training the AI on its content, and customize the LLM flow like assembling Legos. AI .


Share your chatbot

You can then embed the chatbot or use API or Python, JavaScript, share it and make it public !.

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It’s like having access to a team of developers experts writing powerful solution for you in 1-click.

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